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GHB Order/Delivery Platform

GHB delivery app will be serviced as a specialized platform for ordering/delivery. With mutual respect and recognition that consumers, franchisees, riders, and platform companies are all important partners and the best, we provide a solution for all platform users with fun, enjoyment, convenience, safety, and satisfaction.

  • 1 Basic Information

    GHB delivery app platform records and stores customer information through distributed ledger blockchain-based technology. There is little concern about customer information being exposed or hacked. In addition, customer information is shared as a one-time virtual number, so the information recorded on the platform is safe because it is not directly exposed to merchants or riders.

  • 2 Alarm Service

    The alarm service allows customers to predict the arrival time by checking the location of delivery person while waiting after ordering, eliminating the boredom of having to unknowingly wait. A smart pickup service is also available where buyers place orders in advance and pick up products directly at their desired time. Smart pickup can reduce delivery fees, thereby saving the cost of purchasing goods.

  • 3Fee

    Token (LCT) used as a fee can be obtained through GHB advertising platform and games. You can convert it to Coin Elysium-G and give it as a gift to other users, or you can get it through direct purchase.

Global Coin Trading Platform

GfreeX Platform

The GfreeX platform is an information relay community portal platform which supports a market platform that enables peer-to-peer trading of virtual assets (cryptocurrency) listed or unlisted on the exchange, For startups with creative ideas, innovative blockchain business models, and technologies, through the aging process for blockchain business models and the 'deliberation and certification committee' composed of experts, law, tax, technology (technique, productivity, creativity, Provide objective deliberation and evaluation certification solutions for various items of innovation, convergence, ripple effect, etc.), We support the platform ecosystem that serves as a bridgehead for the evaluation of blockchain companies (foundation) and the registration of virtual assets (cryptocurrency) that can be the basis for the growth engine of innovative blockchain platform companies.

Blockchain technology evaluation The ‘deliberation and certification committee’ is composed of opinion leaders and experts in the blockchain industry, and the final decision is made with the consent of more than two-thirds of the majority of all reviewers on the standard evaluation items prepared by the ‘deliberation and certification committee’.

The ‘Deliberation and Certification Committee’ will issue a certificate and expand it to a standard certificate in connection with local governments and public institutions in the future.

The GfreeX platform supports all processes of growth through the establishment of an ecosystem (virtual asset exchange, evaluation, voucher, local government joint business, collaboration business etc.) that supports blockchain innovative technology companies.

GHB dApp Wallet

GHB Cryptocurrency Wallets

GHB cryptocurrency wallets incorporate Hot and Cold functions to protect digital assets from hacking. It is convenient UI/UX and can be used without explanation, and it has a transfer approval function to prevent mistakes. If you lose a password key, such as a private key, you can quickly recover your wallet through biometric information. The map guides you through the mining center for quick, easy mining.

Why GHB?


GHB Structure

Distributed Identification Proof

The most important information in the current Internet environment is information about personal identity (ID), which means that the existence of "I" in the Internet environment can be copied indefinitely if someone can replicate personal identity information.

Distributed Identification Platform

The wallet of GHB blockchain technology can be installed and used on a variety of devices (PCs, smartphones, electronic pads) with multiple E-Wallets, and provides personal authentication services whenever necessary.

Blockchain Web Hard Platform

The increasing amount of digital data held by individuals or users requires large amounts of data storage space. The storage of data is stored on various devices (PC, hard disk, flash memory card, smartphone, etc.) and is conveniently used on the Internet by securing a certain amount of storage space wherever Internet is available, such as Web Hard.

IPFS and Blockchain

Using IPFS technology is beneficial for storing data of DApp in blockchain. Furthermore, by storing data hash values in blockchain transactions, it is possible to track who received what data and how much it was received, used, and sold.

Verification and protection of copyrights

The GHB Web Hard service can also store personal and corporate information files (such as documents, photographs, videos), or copyrighted recordings and film files. When the sound source is newly released, it is encrypted and distributed across multiple nodes via IPFS for distributed storage, and the hash values included in the block transaction data include specific characters or numbers to form the key values of each node.


GHB System Architecture consists of DAPP Layer, GHB API, Transcation Data, GHB Data Management Hash Data, Smart Contract Layer, and GHB Blockchain.


GHB Coin Elysium-G

The method of obtaining Coin Elysium-G is by mining while enjoying it like a game in life. Mining solutions can be used anywhere, depending on the environment, either by visiting mining center regions (stores, restaurants, other (business cooperation partners) economic partners, or through online (video, games). It can be mined through an advertising platform, and when QR code is scanned, AD points are paid in return for the advertisement's consumption, and the secured points can be exchanged for cryptocurrency Coin Elysium-G within GHB Wallet according to the user's needs and choices. Elysium-G Coin is a cryptocurrency used in the GHB platform. GHB cryptocurrency kiosk is a terminal for withdraw of cryptocurrency in cash. Cash withdrawal is possible not only for Elysium Token (LCT), but also for various other cryptocurrencies depending on the application of the function. The cash output function of other cryptocurrencies through the kiosk terminal will be equipped with functions according to the need for usefulness and business expansion.

Coin Information

GHB Coin Information

Type Number of coins Percentage
Participation reward 6,000,000,000 60%
Distribution 2,000,000,000 20%
ShareHolder 1,000,000,000 10%
Team (Staff) Incentives 1,000,000,000 10%
Total 10,000,000,000 100%


Second half of 2020

  • 1) Diversify advertising platform functions and expand sponsor advertisement orders
  • - Diversify advertising transmission functions (QR, game, other) and standardize content working frames for advertisement

    - Various sponsor advertisement orders by strengthening the function of sponsor advertisement.

  • 2) Open Point Mall
  • - Plan to open member-only point mall

  • 3) Renew Wallet application and website reorganization (Android, iOS)
  • 4) Prepare establishment of an affiliated research institute
  • 5) Plan to enter the global market
  • - Plan to expand GHB Wallet Advertising Platform to global market (Asia, Africa, Europe)

  • 6) Plan listing of Coin Elysium-G exchange (domestic/international)
  • 7) Plan Blockchain Web Hard service (identity authentication, data storage technology)
  • 8) Launch and commercialize cryptocurrency kiosks and expand local merchants

First half of 2021

  • 1) List on the exchange (domestic/international)
  • 2) Establishment of an affiliated research institute
  • 3) Wallet Upgrade
  • 4) GfreeX platform planning
  • 5) Unmanned store platform planning
  • 6) Register international patents (blockchain technology)

Second half of 2021

  • 1) Official launch of big data platform
  • 2) Official launch of delivery app platform
  • 3) Beta test and officially release Web Hard platforms
  • 4) Official launch of GfreeX platform
  • 5) Official Open of Unmanned store platform

2022 onwards

  • 1) Conduct drone logistics service (gold wing) project
  • 2) Implement Happy and Fun (diet program) project
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